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"If you want to make more sales, acquire new customers or patients, René is the one I would do business with. His knowledge and technical skills are pretty amazing and he would bring your website on top of the competition."

— Kotton Grammer; Nationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur

Montreal SEO Expert

Looking for a SEO Expert in Montreal?

We, here at Atlantik Marketing, specialize in Search Engine Optimization, providing Montreal-based companies with the boost they need to make a mark in the market.

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What We Do

We specialize in optimizing the online presence of our clients through the three most important aspects of Internet marketing: SEO, Social Media, and Content Writing.


SEO is the combination of various factors designed to kick websites up the ranking. It includes the use of keywords, back linking, link building, registering websites and so much more – all in the name of accumulating sufficient attention from search engines like Google and Yahoo. We make a point of using only legitimate SEO strategies, all of which come together in making your websites more visible online. For local businesses, Montreal SEO Experts will make it possible for companies to rise in their chosen market and easily be seen and recognized by the people who can best use their services and products.

Content Writing

Content Writing is actually a part of SEO although it plays such an important role that it deserves attention on all its own. Here at Atlantik Marketing, we employ only the best content writers capable of creating articles that are the perfect balance of SEO and usefulness. Adhering to the old adage that Content is King, we make a point of providing unique articles designed to grab the attention while containing important keywords that will put your website in the map.

Social Media

Of course, we here at Atlantik Marketing also take into account the impact of social media and how this can be used to boost status in the internet. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter now bear a strong weight in online presence with many companies ensuring a strong and consistent account on social media. These don’t just form part of SEO but essentially works towards brand recognition. Through our services, we guarantee an increase in brand following through these platforms as well as a boost in client engagement, thereby creating a pleasurable personality for your brand that people can easily respond with.

Creating customized marketing techniques to suit your specific needs, we have the capacity to help you reach your goal whether you’re a restaurant, a clothes store, a pet store, or any other industry.

Our Experience

Headed by Rene Dufour who has had ample experience when it comes to internet marketing, the company has had decades of knowledge in making websites rank higher through organic searches. Moving with the changing times of internet marketing, Atlantik Marketing has the necessary tools, background, skills, and manpower to effectively position websites so that they you can be easily found by the people who need you. Staying abreast with the latest trends in Google and the strongest-pulling factors when it comes to the market, our goal is to put your website out there and make it as profitable as possible.

Our Guarantee

With the changing rules and regulations when it comes to SEO, we personally guarantee our use of ONLY legitimate practices when it comes to SEO. Black Hat techniques are frowned upon and actively forbidden her at Atlantik Marketing. Bearing in mind the harsh penalties afforded by Google to Black Hat websites, we make a point of ensuring that our strategies are all sanctioned and will therefore not reflect poorly on our clients.

Contact Us

For more information about Atlantik Marketing or any of our services, feel free to visit us at our official website or send us an email through You can also call use through our toll-free number of 1 (866) 447-2079.

Toll-Free: 1 866 447-2079